Restorative Energetic Movement (REM)

For most adults over 40, with age comes a measure of wisdom and a definite loss of suppleness, flexibility, and balance.  Many see this as inevitable, “normal” even, but it does not have to be this way.  Through careful use of specific exercises (and a healthy diet), one can retain, or even re-establish a good degree of suppleness, range of motion, endurance, energy, and balance as one continues to grow older, and hopefully wiser.  If such a notion intrigues you, what you can gain through participation in the Restorative Energetic Movement (REM) class will fascinate and encourage you even more!


The REM class is designed with participants age 45 and over in mind who are seeking a new exercise protocol to manage stress and strengthen and further unite body and mind.  The class is centered around correct breath usage and body alignment, and Yi Jin Jing, a Chinese qigong exercise that is said to change, lengthen, and strengthen tendons and muscles and increase range of motion.  We will also study the soft circular movements of Genshin, a karate kata (form) developed by Toru Shimoji Sensei.  Genshin presents a challenging yet fun and energizing array of spinning and turning techniques that necessitate the use and improvement of centralized movement, stability, and balance.

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