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Q: "I visited your dojo back in January and noticed that everyone was wearing a white belt.  Why is that?"
A: Every January of each year, we have what we call "White-belt Weeks".  This is a great time for us to refocus and regain the beginner's mind necessary for lifelong learning.  Wearing a white belt is purely symbolic, but for that matter, wearing a belt of any is symbolic of the inner skills and abilities of the individual.  

Q: "I'm not very athletic, or flexible, but I'd really like to train.  Do I have to be flexible or in shape to start?"
A: Absolutely not; you will gain strength, endurance and flexibility as you train.  Also, classes are designed so that each student can train at the pace that best suits them.

Q: "Do kids and adults train together?"
A: During the introductory class, yes, new adults and new youth will learn together, but after the 7 or 8 lesson session is complete, each will move up to the general class featuring their age groups.

Q: "Do I have to participate in tournaments?"
A: Not at all.  We try to participate in one or two tournaments per year, but tournaments are not our main focus.  They are totally voluntary.

Q: "Do I have to sign a contract?"
A: No.  You can pay by the month when you train.

Q: "I've studied karate before.  Can I wear my purple belt here?"
A: While there will be many similarities between most any style of karate, unless your previous dojo / instructor was affiliated with the AAKF, ITKF Nishiyama-style Shotokan, you will be required to wear a white belt until you are ready for evaluation.  But please remember that we are most concerned with helping you gain skill and knowledge, not belts.