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Winter Strikes Back

posted Feb 22, 2013, 5:03 AM by Eric Banks

I hate you, Winter.  You've been playin' all nice-nice most of the season with your deceptively warm, blue-skied, sunny, spring-like days, and then the one weekend when I'd planned and prepared to fly away to somewhere warm, somewhere out of the reach of your icy, frigid hand, you slap us, hard, and leave behind a trillion-billion-billion-trillion of your evil little white minions.  Missouri is frozen.  Yeah, you got our hopes up in January and early February, and then you surprised us...well played, Winter my non-friend, well played.  Laugh on...laugh on...

So yeah, my trip to the ATL has been canceled and I'm bummed about it...  But, I'm choosing to take advantage of this uncool change in plans; I'm still gonna use a vacation day today as scheduled, and since I had already canceled my dojo's classes for Saturday, I'll use both days, and Sunday, to the max to make progress in my updating / editing of the book.

As I was shoveling my driveway yesterday afternoon, thinking about some other recent challenges, twists and turns I've encountered, and still believing I would be able to fly out today, I was ruminating that sometimes the challenges we are given as we press for our goals and dreams are given to us so that we can see just how badly we want that which we seek, and so that we can see just how much we can take.  And sometimes they are given to   divert us, or redirect us, or help us to pause.

And sometimes, they are given just because Winter hates warm happy people.

Pressing on!