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Why Continue?

posted Sep 3, 2011, 4:03 PM by Eric Banks

Found out yesterday that yet another promising student has quit.  Dang it.  This has been the most difficult year for getting and retaining new students at the View.  Since January, we've had only about 10 go through the beginner's intro class, and some of them didn't even finish it.  Of those who did finish and move on to the regular class, only one lasted for more than a couple months.


Yes, it's always been difficult to get and keep good quality, dedicated and focused students, so after all these years, I shouldn't be so surprised; but it is still frustrating.   There are so many other things that capture their attention and imagination and their time.  And while I know that martial arts training isn't for everyone, it is frustrating when only the few stay at it.  And yes, I do learn a lot from those who leave and their reasons for leaving.  I also learn from those who stay, and their reasons for staying.  With each, sometimes hard, lesson, I am learning to improve the group and how and what I teach.  


Still…it frustrates me.  Really.


So why should I continue to teach?

Because I love to train.  Because I love to teach.  Because I

care.  Because if I can make a difference in the life of even one student and help them learn and grow and reach their goals, help them become more confident and able to avoid bad situations and / or defend themselves or a loved one, then all of the hard work, all of the frustration, all the disappointment at loosing the many will have been worth it.  Really.