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That Feeling, That Moment

posted Sep 3, 2011, 4:36 PM by Eric Banks

“I'd rather have a moment of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special..”



Did you feel that, or was it just me? 


You saw it also, sense it too, right?, it could have just been me. 


But it was noticeable... was real....


...and it was special...


that feeling that has been growing the past few weeks, since 2010 began...and I felt it, and saw it take shape and form on Saturday during classes and after class.  Surely you've noticed it to....or maybe it is just me.  No, it can't just be me.   It is real and noticeable...the feeling, the understanding, the excitement, the unspoken growth that is taken place.  Yes, we are a traditional dojo, and we are becoming the place to be.  We are a family made of families.  We are individuals who share a common passion..  And we are learning, and exploring, and growing together. 


And yes, I'm sure you've felt it too....because if it was just me, I wouldn't have felt it so strongly.