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Olympic Commitment

posted Sep 2, 2011, 7:58 PM by Eric Banks

I am hooked on the Olympics!  It's just something about it all, something special.  Part of the fascination is that I find it inspiring to see how far a human being can go when they push themselves to the limit, work hard and smart, and give it their all.  Commitment, dedication and belief are indispensable to any sport or art or martial art, and to living a meaningful life in general.  

How committed are you to pushing yourself to be the best that _you_ can be?  Are you willing to give your all, I mean to really give your all? How far could you really go if you just let go and lived from a place of total commitment and dedication?  What's holding you back...what are

your common excuses that keep you from reaching a new level of excellence?

These are questions that I ask myself quite often when it comes to my teaching, my personal training and yes, my everyday living...  

What about you?