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Japan Fest 2008

posted Sep 3, 2011, 3:48 PM by Eric Banks

This past Saturday, 2.5 students and I spent most of the day at the 11th Annual Japan Fest held at Johnson County Community College.  This was the second year we've attended and it was another good time.  

Along with being reminded about the richness of the Japanese culture, I came away with at least two other things:

1) We as a group need to do more outings, whether they are festivals, tournaments, seminars or just cookouts or lunches.  Not only is it fun to socialize outside the dojo, but it also lends to our cohesiveness as a group.

2) Though I enjoyed watching the martial arts demos (kendo, iado, aikido, etc), I am seriously considering signing us up for next year's event.  In the past two years, there has not been an empty hand art karate...  Let's see if we can fix that...

Be sure to ask the others about the festival (and the beef on a stick!),and if you know of other upcoming cultural events, let me know.