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Women's Self-Protection

Join us for the Women's Self-Protection seminar 6:45pm – 7:45 pm on Monday and Wednesday, August 6th and 8th and learn about developing:

·       The mentality necessary for self-protection and self-defense

·      Using all "six" senses to avoid dangerous situations

·      Calm, focused assertiveness

·       Whole-body techniques and skills to escape or fight back

This seminar is open to all girls and women ages 12 and above.  Wear comfortable clothes and be ready to learn in a safe, enlightening environment.

Tuition: just $10 one day, $20 for both
(Note: a PayPal fee of $1 for one day and $2 for two days applies. The $6 pre-registration fee is nonrefundable.)

Save your spot using the PayPal button, and then complete the simple form below.  Thank you!