Finding just the right physical education class for homeschooled kids and youth can be difficult.  You want something that not only meets State requirements, but that will also actively engages your children and keeps them interested.  While there are many options, a traditional martial arts program has several unique advantages over a standard gym or fitness class.  Some of those advantages include, but are not limited to:

·     Students build fitness and improve centralized body coordination through mentally and physically challenging movements that can be directly applied to all areas of daily life

·     Students learn energy and stress management skills while gaining a deeper sense and awareness of self

·     Builds confidence and positive assertiveness while reducing aggressiveness

·     Students are required to research and study various aspects of anatomy and physiology as well as the history and current state of traditional Japanese Shotokan karate

·     Students learn practical self-defense skills including conflict de-escalation skills

·     Positive character traits such as integrity, honesty, respect for others and respect for self, perseverance, and determination are emphasized


The South KC Shotokan karate dojo is pleased to present new daytime classes designed specifically for homeschoolers.  Group classes are available for students ages 6 through 10 yrs, 11 through 15 yrs, and 16 through 18 yrs. For more information, please contact Mr. Banks by completing the following form: